Announcing Partnership Between DNGO & @Kusadasi: Together We Incentivize Audiobook Contributions


Hello everyone,

We are glad to announce a partnership deal between Dngo and Turkish Curator and Philanthropist @Kusadasi. As the both parties agreed, from now on, @kusadasi account will reward two audiobook contributions with the fixed amount of 5 STU upvote per each on daily basis. Dngo team will be responsible for the evaluation of audiobook contributions and deciding on which contributions to be rewarded by @kusadasi.

We sincerely believe that this is just the baby steps of a fruitful and long lasting collaboration between Dngo and @kusadasi. Both teams will be working side by side to enhance and deepen the collaboration.

Let Us Introduce You Our New Partner: @Kusadasi

Without doubt, @Kusadasi is the most important curator supporting the Turkish Speaking Community on Steem. They have been successfully incentivising the content creation with their Cointurk project. You can just browse “Cointurk” tag on Steem to see what they have brought to Steem Ecosystem. Also, they are the founders of @Cpxturk, a firm focusing on boosting the popularity of cryptocurrencies in Turkey. We are so flattered to be working together with this vibrant team.

You can Join Cointurk Discord Channel here:

Road to So Far

We are working hard to improve our system. The developmental processes go slowly but steadily. As some of you may know, as an open source project, we are announcing task requests on Utopian to develop our dApp better and faster.

Utopian Graphic designers @oups and @youssuf created amazing generic book covers for us.


Up Next

Now the task is write a piece of code which in turn will generate unique book covers for each book that we list on our books page.
You can see the related task request here:


We try our best to attract more sponsors and potential investors to our project. This way, your audiobook contributions can be rewarded adequately. Thanks to our partner @kusadasi, now we are able to offer you some rewards. In some close future, if needed, the number of daily upvotes can be increased or we can apply another models depending on the situation. All you have to do is to upload your audiobook recordings to our system regularly. This will not only increase your chance of getting upvotes, but will also enable us to attract more investors.

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