DNGO Massive Update: Dngo Blog, SteemPress Integration, Our New Advisors, Our Voting Sponsor, Generic Book Covers, New Player Display and all the Other Things.

Hello Steem Community,

Here we are so glad to inform you about latest developments that we made on Dngo.io. As we tried to sum them up on the title, we have big updates covering different topics.

1) DNGO Blog – Blog.dngo.io

To put it simply, we adore handling things in more organized fashion. Since the beginning of our project, our principle aim is to increase user experience on our platform. As you may realized, we use @dngo-io account not only for making public announcements. We do also facilitate it for other purposes like resteeming the content created by other people. However, in the long run, each account activity, be it posting or resteeming, makes it harder for users to access our earlier announcements. In order to bring you the best user experience we created a blog page where users can easily access all the related information in a really simple way.

2) SteemPress Integration

As it’s known, SteemPress allows users to sync their WordPress based pages with Steem Blockchain. By using SteemPress plugin, now we are able to enjoy the privilege that whenever we add new entry to our blog, it will automatically be posted on Steem Blockchain (like this one). It, indeed, saves time and energy. Hereby we invite all the other dApps to do the same.

Join SteemPress Discord here:


3) Our Advisors: You already Know Them Well – @Frederikaa and @Howo

@Frederika was one those nice people who posted encouraging comments under our introduction post few months ago. This fact encouraged us to get in touch with SteemPress team. We asked @frederikaa and @howo if they would like to become part of Dngo community. They are so kind that they didn’t turn our offer down.

Dngo needs their support and guidance regarding two core areas.


As we will talk more about it in the following, to evolve into a more decentralized format, we need assistance and guidance of people who share the same vision with us. It is a sociological fact that any individual or group of people that are not willing to share their responsibilities or not open to learn from others – no matter who they are and what skills they possess- might grow centralistic tendencies. In order to avoid that risk we wanted @frederikaa and @howo to join us as advisors


Even though we don’t call what we are doing here is entrepreneurship, we can’t deny the fact that without bringing decent entrepreneurial skills to the table, there is no way for dngo project to realize its goals. As they are successful entrepreneurs, their experiences are of extreme importance. We are more than happy to learn from their experiences and ideas to make Dngo perform better.

4) Our Voting Sponsor: @Kusadasi

As we announced last week, Turkish Curator and philanthropist @Kusadasi became a voting sponsor to Dngo Books project. According to our agreement, in the beginning phase of this partnership, @kusadasi will reward two audiobook contributions with 5 STU upvote per each on daily basis. We received 11 audiobook contributions during the last week and we are so proud to see that our contributors are getting rewarded as they deserve. Before this partnership took place, we had 26 audiobook contributions submitted in two months span. As for today, we reached the number of 40 audiobook contributions in total.
Currently, we are allowing audiobook contributions only in English and in Turkish. Depending on the demand and potential increases in our rewarding capacity, we can expand the scope of this collaboration to enable more languages on our platform.

Join CoinTurk discord channel here:


5) Generic Book Covers – They are here

As you already know, we made a task request on Utopian regarding our book covers. Our aim was to bring more user engagement to Dngo while providing developers a chance to earn some STU. Sadly nobody signed up for this task. We won’t let this discourage us. Dngo is a community-driven project. We want everyone to be part of it and see it as their own project. We will keep sharing our responsibilities with people to bring more engagement.

Here you can see the book covers in action. They are designed by @youssuff and @oups.

6) New Player Display

Can you believe that @youssuf designed this beautiful player for Dngo without charging anything? He did. Such a great graphic designer and, more importantly, such a nice person he is.

Next Big Thing: KALI

To refresh your memory, we would like to reintroduce Kali. Kali is a tool which will enable users to interact with dngo.io’s user interface via their voices. Here @bencagri demonstrates what Kali is currently capable of.

Hopefully,are we will successfully integrate Kali next week.

Dngo Witness

Witnesses are key figures on any DPOS system. It would be a highly reductionist approach if one takes witnesses merely as people running fancy hardware to produce blocks and do no more than that. On the contrary, being a good witness is a task which requires a combination of technical skills and sound understanding of politics, sociology and, economy.
Without necessary technical skills a witness would fall short on producing blocks. When the political, economic and, sociological understanding of a witness is limited, it’s highly unlikely that they can interpret intended and unintended social consequences of any technical change.
Dngo team consists of two developers, one economist, and one sociologist. Together we created Dngo and there will be more to add. We believe, as a team, we can handle witness duties together and be a “developer witness” and a “Social Witness” at the same time.
You may consider this as a field research on our witness case. Please let us know your opinion. We will run a node only when the majority of the people agree on that Dngo Witness can add more value to Steem Blockchain.


In our understanding, decentralization is a dynamic process rather than being a static state. The social architecture of the platform is indeed influential on potential de/centralization. However, as valuable as the social architecture itself, the human agency that is performed in given context is fundamental for a platform to become more decentralized. As Dngo team, we did -and still doing- our best to provide a welcoming setting which enables people to perform their agencies without facing any restrictions. We are kindly inviting all of you to take part in Dngo.io. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Join Us today

Dngo Team




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